Switches...Why they so EXPENSIVE?!

So ive been looks for a couple days now and ive got a switch currently but its a big bulky metal thing. People buy the one from DIY skateboards but its fricking $60! Why cant you use something like this? my batteries only add up to 24v so i dont understand why it wouldnt work? Any help would be appreciated or if anyone knows of any others :slight_smile: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01E9PZHRC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_iw6dybYHCXEZV

I have the TB soft switch in the e skate market for $48 brand new.

If you don’t have a soft switch then that switch also won’t work as it only a 5amp max most boards are 40-60 amp.

Send me a link please @barajabali



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@anorak234 fair one :joy:

@Charster10 - We’re working on a new switch with a built in UBEC most people with VESCs won’t need it but doesn’t hurt to add it. Should have a few pins for “lights” as well. But they would “always” be on.

The new switch should be cheaper.

whats so hard about a plug. xt-90s. dont know why people bother making it more complicated. and then it breaks.


@torqueboards how much cheaper? Like $25???

@Hummie just looks nicer

@Charster10 the 5 amp limit on that switch is the reason it wouldn’t work. But you can use a switch like that to control a mosfet switch which is pretty easy to make if you can solder. You just need to buy a couple mosfets, a perferated board, a diode, and some resistors.

I’d suggest you get a kit and assemble it yourself if you are on a tight budget. OR build an anti-spark loop key - @anorak234 linked my old one above.

If you look at Ben’s github for his v1.3 anti-spark - price out the BOM. Then consider the PCB… it’s not going to be an inexpensive switch no matter who sells them. Again, you can buy the parts and assemble it yourself, but you also will need some hot-air rework or reflow skill/tools. Ben’s github has the gerber files and it’s a fun little project.

But if you don’t have that skill or tools to reflow SMD - i’d suggest one of the kits from @DeathCookies (especially if you are in Europe), or buy the full switch from @Chaka, or esk8.de, or similar.


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Just seens so much work to turn the deck on and off haha :joy: @sl33py

For sure. Loop key is the easiest.

but it isn’t as cool as LED backlit power switch…

Ultimately it depends how you want your finished board to look. When you are comparing it side by side with a production board like Boosted, Marbel, Evolve… sometimes these small finishing touches are nice to have on DIY. Just think of all the $ you saved vs a production board! Splurging on a cool on/off switch is personal preference.

All i was trying to point out is that these components aren’t cheap, and if someone assembles or carries stock of these - there is a pretty significant investment… so it’s going to cost a bit more (something for their time, rent, CC balance interest…).

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Just a Waterproof SPST Switch Off-On with LED is about 25$ on digikey… add to that the mosfets, etc, 40-60$ is cheap.

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you could do what I did…

InstallGear 100 Amp Manual Reset Circuit Breaker @ $10.45 + Free S&H


Considering. Nice build btw!!

Thanks, it’s as cheep as I could get it. Need a different belt, gonna order this weekend. Other than that it came out great.

Dosnt a circuit breaker just serve as a switch and not an antispark switch? There isint anything to prevent a spark (that I am aware of). I am just wondering if it works, as I have not used one before and all ways wondered.