Switching to larger wheels/pulley size question

I have a single drive board with 4" wheels and I’m switching to 6" wheels. Currently I have a 20 tooth motor pulley and a 44 tooth drive wheel pulley with an HTD 350-5m-15 belt. Can anyone tell me how many teeth I would need on the 6" drive wheel pulley to maintain the same torque/speed ratio I have with the 4" wheels? Would I also need to replace the motor pulley? If so, how many teeth would be necessary on that pulley? Then of course, I would also need to know what size belt I would need after the conversion. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

This will help http://calc.esk8.it

Depends on your center to center lenght. And if you are usibg idlers or not

@L3chef Thank you very much! I’ve been through a ton of those gear ratio/pulley size calculators but none of them took as much of, or the kind of specs the ESK8 one did and none of them worked for me except this one. Wish I’d found it much earlier. Kudos!

Np. Happy building :slight_smile: