Switzerland and batterys

Wanted to quickly tell my latest issue with the ne guidelines Switzerland has on sending battery’s out to EU country’s since IT screwed over @bigben hard. He is waiting forever now on a battery that should have ended up on his door step for quite a while now.

How exactly the new law is interpreted and actually handled is still hard to fully understand since most shipping agency’s adapt it to different guidelines. Basically it now is judged by the amount of content that battery carries (gramms of lithium). So a 10s3p battery is impossible to get across. Only way that works is if you intentionally declare it as a smaller battery and they fuq up and let it trough.

So in my case I will have to drive to Germany next Saturday and send my package from there.

Was told that they will update the guidelines in june/july since multiple manufacturers appealed to them. (got a pretty big E-bike manufacturer in Switzerland that got screwed royal by this).

Anyway hope this helps someone and I wanted to publicly thank @bigben again. He is such a friendly and patient member its crazy.


Still waiting, seems Germany not too hot at sending batteries either eh @michichopf?