[Switzerland ]Police took my electric board with them

Hi guys. 5 days ago a cop stopped me and took my electric longboard (DIY) with him. He told me that it was illegal and that he was going to take some pictures and see if he could give me a fine (he was going to call to the people that know about this). He told me that then he was going to call me and say what to do (he also said that he would give me the bord back). Do you know the law in switzerland? What can I do? He also said that normal longboards are also illegal while skateboards are legal… Is it possible?!

Thanks in advance for any help.


I know in Netherlands some cops fine, but some are very friendly to you. It is illegal here but unless your not driving like a madman 35km/h on bike lane taking over bikers, you’ll be fine. I guess you’re unlucky

No way longboards are illegal.

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Yes, I was very unluky. I used the electricskateboard everyday for 1year and 3months, never being stopped by the cops. When he took it from me I was breaking to take the longboard in my hands and walk the pedestrian crossing.

Yes that thing of longboards being illegal but skateboards are not is very very strange.

You sure your board wasn’t just stolen?


Hahaha, yes it was a real cop. He exited from the police car. I would love if you could give me some advice on how to react to this. If he gives me a fine what can I do?

Real cops can and do steal.


I hope not. I will let you updated anyways.

oh man thats too bad, i’m also from switzerland and i’m sometimes worried about the police when i drive around with my longboad or mountainboard. it really is illegal here and the police can take it away from you.

last time i went to zurich i took my longboard with me and just stayed on backroads but there were these lime scooters driving around everywhere so i was not too worried about police.

you were probably just unlucky and the wrong cop saw you at the wrong time. hope he wont file charges and it goes before a judge, that gets expensive very quickly.

reminds me like in my youth when the cops were on the hunt for tuned velomotors. they like easy targets.

please keep us updated.

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Can you put GPS trackers inside them, so if the police steal them, you can go steal them back later?


Not in first world countries Brian :joy:


I wouldn’t know, I live in the USA. We don’t even have healthcare anymore. Here a cop just got arrested for shooting another cop while on-duty because they were getting drunk and playing Russian Roulette while on the job.


@MarcoMota1 definitely longboard skateboard’s are not illegal in the land of cheese and chocolate… I ll try to stay under the radar with my setup…nice routes near Zurich (Pfannenstiel)…best early in the morning. good luck getting your board back.

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Shit I live in Switzerland too (from France before, moved in this year) The law says that electric skateboards are illegal, but I haven’t got any problem (yet) Longboards are surely legals, there so much in Lausanne, and if the law say so, I bet you won’t have any problem over regular street skateboards

I doubt he stole it from you, but go and check at the police station if they still have it if you’re unsure

I had the same situation a few days ago germany…

I got luck. A week after i called the police and they said i can pick up my board. No expertise from the board and i just have to pay around 50€.


I checked the rules in Austria… NO RULES AT ALL! Expept of “dont bother someone”…:heart_eyes:



Unfortunately cops do steal in the US and A

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thread reminded me of Doug Stanhope’s standup about cops (wear earphones. 10 minutes)


In switzerland and germoney its illegal because you don’t pay taxes to the greedy government for riding a longboard and they say its all about your safety what is a fucking lie. Nobody cares about the millions of alcohol victims or the dead people on the speed unlimited highways in germoney. You can drive 300kmh with your car but skateboarding is to dangerous? Wake up, people! They betrayed our grandparent, our parents and now they betray us. Everything is fine if you ve got enough money to pay your parking tickets. Pool full of greedy suckers. You even get a punishment in germoney, just for playing cards without a helmet. Nice business model created by assholes to patronize you all and to soften your brains make you believe they mean it well for you. In our country you will never be old enough to decide for yourself.