[Switzerland ]Police took my electric board with them

I think it depends totaly on the cops, your board and the speed you are pushing, when you have a sleeper board with hubs and a small enclosure in foc mode they will think its a normal longboard. I think the moment you start building your board you made already the decision to the stupid rules for EVs here in Germany “entwicklungsland” hahah


Yeah i agree with that. I got well masked boards, and like i mentioned before, I am the gentleman sidewalk surfer. I only accelerate when there are no people around and that pays off for me, because most people like it and i can go for high speeds at night, because the city i live in is so small, at 3 pm its skaters paradise in the streets because you are nearly alone. Don’t think i will get in trouble here in the future. I ride both, bldc and foc on hubs and in daily traffic theres almost no chance to hear even the bldc motor sound.


where are you from actually? If Iam allowed to ask :slight_smile:

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We have about 180 000 citizens

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uh nice haha my place is much smaller its near regensburg with 30k citizens but cops go insane for the smallest pos here :sob::sweat_smile: but yeah we have still the lakes and woods :joy::v:


Nice, we got nice woods here,too and that is the reason why i m thinking about to get a onewheel in the future. Unfortunately trampa boards are not for me and i would kill myself the first day riding such a thing with my feet locked to the board hahahaha.


hahhaa I dont like these onewheels I mean they are fucking cool 100% but not my thing :smiley: (in love with my trampa) haha.

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Don’t know if the onewheel is the right thing beneath my beloved skateboards, but i will give it a try.

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let me know how you like it when its yours! :slight_smile:

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Yes Ok i will:wink:. But its not in the near future i guess, because i had spend all my money on E- skateboards, decks and parts during the last year. Maybe i go for it next year and perhaps there is an updated new version of it out there:relaxed:

650chf?? I got 20chf for “riding on the street with a longboard” - was a raptor2, so I guess they either didn’t know how to handle or didn’t get that it’s electric

well, as i said if its in the “bussenkatalog” and they fine you directly its normally from 10 - 250CHF. If its not in this booklet, it goes before a judge and gets expensive.

You can check the bussenkatalog with the corresponding fines here:

This could be relevant for us, if a board is considered a “fahrzeugähnliche Gerät”:

  1. Fahren ohne Licht (Art. 50a Abs. 4 VRV) 20

  2. Behinderndes Benützen der für die Fussgänger bestimmten Verkehrsflächen (Art. 50 Abs. 2 VRV) 20

  3. Behinderndes Benützen der Fahrbahn verkehrsarmer Nebenstrassen (Art. 50 Abs. 2 VRV) 20

  4. Nichtbeachten des Signals «Verbot für fahrzeugähnliche Ge-räte» (2.15.3; Art. 19 Abs. 5 SSV) 20

  5. Verwendung von fahrzeugähnlichen Geräten auf nicht zugelassenen Verkehrsflächen (Art. 50 Abs. 1 und 2 VRV) 20

  6. Missachten des Vortritts der Fussgänger (Art. 50a Abs. 2 VRV) 30

All cost 20CHF, i guess nbr 5 is what @directC got.


Not in first world countries Brian :joy:

No to get political here or anything my friend, but Europeans shouldn’t spit upwards. Don’t eat that shit up about the ‘perfect first world countries’. There too, policemen are absent, nowhere to be seen when crimes or attacks occur to their own country men in those tiny nations where supposedly ‘everything is perfect’ in those ‘first world countries’. That last sentence is ambiguous.

…and Brian, the US still one of the greatest countries, perhaps not the best organized, but when they talk and compare a tiny 6 million nation like Denmark, their ‘perfect way of life’, a ‘first world country’ against an ‘imperfect nation’ a ‘disorganized country’ a ‘fallen power’ like the US and its 320 million… they don’t even know what the heck they are talking about! The US is still a great nation despite their problems and shortcomings. (Just my opinion, and I was not born here by the way :wink:)

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Wooooooosh :guardsman:

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Yeah I think it was no 5

Nr 4: is that a sign? Never saw this

Nr 1: just mount some lights and you’re good to go :slight_smile:

But next time I’d just pass them if their just staying somewhere. That’s why we don’t have license plates :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe beneath a police mode it could be a useful trick to rebrand the motors with fake stickers of 100 watts or something for switzerland and germany. Maybe for the batteries,too, they just have to look professional(the stickers) and i think they could avoid trouble sometimes on the first look of a policeman in the streets.

…until it doesn’t and you get charged with Obstruction of Justice. I’m not saying don’t do it, I’m saying be fully informed and prepared for the consequences.

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yes, nice point, but we get fucked here anyways. I mean, it just a sticker, right? My board is full of stickers and when theres a sticker on the hub its not like im trying to cheat, i just was having fun hahahahah

yes it is exciting to shred in switzerland with ESK8 :neutral_face: