Switzerland Seller - Enertion Space cell 3 (almost new), 5055 torque motors, etc


My name is Marcello, I live in Lausanne, Switzerland and I recently finished building my first and last E-board with dual 2400w of power although after buying all the pieces and building it i realized i dont have what it takes to build a electric skateboard, I get frustrated to quick and im not by any means an engineer or anything similar. although I bought very good pieces for building it and i’ve only used it a couple of times only. I would like to know if you would be interested on buying the E-BOARD OR ITS PIECES, everything its functional and its only been used for a couple of weeks:

-Arbor deck -caliber II truck -Enertion narrow Truck -Enertion Space Cell 3 battery(It has only been charged twice) -1200w 5055 Torque motors X 2 -Enertion Dual Vesc -Enertion Dual Drive System 15mm X 2 -Alien Power System Remote Controler

Let me know if you are interested so we could discuss prices. I attach you a picture of the board.

best regards.​

I’ll have dips on the remote if you decide to seperate it :slight_smile:

Looks like you already took it out for a ride or two. Looking good also! So what problems are you facing with it?

I also don’t get it - seems like you build it quite it well so what’s the problem?

:cop: Are the feds giving you a hard time?

How much for the vesc’s?

I’m interested in one motor. How much do you want for it? :slight_smile:

Hey I am also swiss, may be intrested in taking all of of your hands :slight_smile: will get back to you this evening !

True! I did use the board without all the electric stuff for a couple of weeks while I was waiting for all the rest of the stuff to arrive. And there’s no problem with the board, its working just fine, it was a nice project with lots of fun, work, frustrations and waiting. Now I need the money for a new project completely different (buying a drone) and i haven’t been using it as much as i thought so… why not.

Thanx mate, I’ll try to sell the whole thing first, if that doesnt work ill get back to you =)

I havent got any problems with the feds yet on the sk8, although I did get a ticket once for using a electric monocycle on the sidewalk :expressionless:


So… How much you want for the board?

How much for motors+mounts+trucks, shipped to dublin ireland

Im thinking something around 800usd would be a fair price. let me know what you think, Im willing to negotiate.

PD. I’ll fix all those little scratches on the trucks and mounts before sending it.

Hallo Marcello, I really got some interest. Maybe we can talk through private message to talk about the price etc?