Tacon 245kv mono drive and 10s4p... Will it work?

Yea, the VESC won’t accelerate past the limit. You do it through BLDC tool (VESC program)

Ah cool, what should I limit it to? Luckily this is an option, I don’t think I had an option to return my motor haha, so this kinda saved me.

60,000 erpm. It is more preferable to get the right motor, but if you don’t want to this will work as well.

Yeah, unfortunately I got my whole deck, trucks and motor in one ‘deal’ that costs around the same as just one of the Enertion 2.0 motors. I could get the less expensive one. How much different is it? One is $159 and the other is $219, other than the size and wattage, I don’t see there’s that much of a difference? Is the more expensive one worth it?

since its a tacon u can sell it and get a 190kv motor which is now in stock or go 10s with the tacon but there have been multiple drv failures when running 245kv or higher motors on 10s. or u can simply run 6 or 8s with your current motor

edit this would be the 190kv hobbyking motor which is considered one of the best setups for the vesc

Hmm. Would anyone want to buy the motor? How much would I sell it for? I’d like to get atleast half of what the Enertion motor costs. Would 100 USD be an okay price?

if u go 60- 70 then id take it off ur hands

the enertion motor is great but why not just pay 70 for the hobbyking motor thats just as great for half that

You have plenty of options. I’m getting 2x Ollinboards (chaka) motors in 200kv myself. Torqueboards also has good motor options. I’ve heard from Chaka that 50mm motors run more stable than the larger 63’s which is why I chose his.

i heard the same about the 50mm vs the 63mms but is it just the mount thats an issue, the vesc, or the motors themselves

Has the bigger motor thing got anything to do dual motors? I’m only running single motor.

I wouldn’t think so, but I’m not sure.

I see. Ollin looks super nice, all black. I’m seriously thinking about that one 200kv. I’ll get a slower top speed, but still, I never go fast anyways. Will a single one go up hills okay?

Well it’s an Australian business, so fast shipping, easy warranty stuff, same time zones etc, it’s easier to buy nationally, rather than internationally.

Chaka seems pretty confident on them with 14/36 gearing (recommended). I’m using very similar motors on my Evolve GT and it completely eats hills; I go up hills at 18mph.

Oh sweet. You’re talking about single drive going up hills? Or two motors? It might be a bad move, but I used the calculator and says I should get around 20mph. I’m gonna use Boosted’s drive wheels, since I had them, got them for free from a friend, and didn’t have to put money into hub and all that. Bought the pulley, and 15mm belts. So 14/50 ratio? I think. 14 teeth on the pulley, and 50 on the wheels.

Oh sorry, Evolve GT has 2 motors. That’s quite a big reduction. I think you should be fine for most hills though. My gearing for my build will get me to 30mph with the 200kv ollin motors.

I see. Well how does this sound so far: My option is to sell the Tacon, or just keep saving for a new one.

10s4p battery, 14/50 gearing ratio, with the 200kv Ollin motor (single drive)- 20mph with a 76mm wheel size (Orangatang in heat) Sounds pretty okay to me.

Edit: I think I’ll go with Enertions. With shipping ($60) and conversions it’ll cost me $170, may as well just get the Enertion one.

Sounds good :slight_smile:

So, there’s two Enertion ones, one has 2400W and the other has 3200W. Is it worth spending the extra $70 on the one? 3200W?