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Tacon Big Foot 110 (295kv) for dual rear?

I’m currently in the planning phase of my electric skateboard, and I came across these motors, a smaller and higher kv version of the Bigfoot 160 that I have seen recommended here. Would these be good for a dual-rear motor setup? I am considering these ones since this size looks like it will fit my trucks most easily.

They’ll kick ass. They are at the top end of recommended kv. But I’ve run 290kv in a couple of builds with great results.

With 290kv anything higher than 6s battery might be a problem. What battery will you use?

If you go higher voltage than 6s you will probably need to look at 3mm pitch pulleys, unless you want to have really high top speed and not much starting torque.

Read this to learn more;

I was looking at either a Space Cell or a 10-12S LiPo, though I’m not sure how different cell counts will affect a system with two motors. All of my experience with LiPos so far has been with airsoft guns, which only have one motor.

EDIT: I would be using a 12t-36t pulley system for more torque.

Here is your top speed, 54km/h at nominal voltage. Also 12t pulley won’t have enough teeth in mesh. So may experience some belt skipping during acceleration and braking. How fast do you want to ride at?

I’ve ridden with 12T no belt skip and this is uphill. Belt just can’t be loose.

Is there anything like the space cell but with a lower cell count? 34mph seems a little excessive.

You could choose a smaller wheel diameter and it will lower your top speed. There are a few hollow hubbed 75mm wheels out there. It would bring your possible top speed down to 30mph. You’re board will spin up to cruising speed a little easier . Also, keep in mind you don’t have to ride around all the time with your throttle pinned.

With the VESC you can also consider limiting the MAX RPM, this will prevent you reaching the high top speed.

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And also, don’t pull the trigger all the way. I almost never pull my trigger all the way. Its scary.

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