Tacon Bigfoot 160 back in stock

I know everyone is excited about their VESCs arriving (and with good reason!) But I’ve been waiting on these guys, back in stock after a long shortage. They arrived today! $55 a piece; 245KV. I’ll use these on a dual-rear build.

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My favorite! I had to buy two also when I saw they were back in stock. Probably gonna sensor them.

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Thank you @treenutter

These things are such a good deal! Tempted to get 4 of them.

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Settled on a pair. I wonder how long these will stay in stock?

Not long I’m guessing.

These look an awful lot like green R-SPECs. Even the packaging is identical. I wonder if they’re made at the same plant.


@longhairedboy surely you jest!?

Easy there fella! Haha

lol i tried to tell you guys i have a self destructive streak.

They must have found more old stock to get rid of. Didn’t someone state that they were no longer making these and the price was so low because they needed to clear old stock? Glad I got two before they are gone forever!

i’m very tempted to order some of these just to try them out and see what all the fuss is. My NTMs are getting a little long in the tooth on my 6S Red Baroness build.

Just bought one as well. With any luck, I’ll successfully repair my one vesc and use my new vesc from chaka and go dual diagonal :slight_smile:

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These new Batch of TACON motors are not from the R-SPEC motor factory @chaka should be able to confirm this as he claims he has been in talks with my factory to get some of their incredibly high quality motors.

The R-SPEC motors cost me MUCH more per piece then these TACON sell for at retail @chaka could easily confirm this also.

I suggest anyone with these new batch of TACON motors open one up and post some detailed images, I will also do the same with the R-SPEC motors.

Post here a clear photo of the bearings, the windings, the shaft, the magnets, the magnet retainer rings, the colour of the balancing epoxy… etc etc.

I would do the same but if i take apart my R-SPECS they won’t go back together the same color. lol

And i would probably get hair in the bearings or something.

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I got a couple of Bigfoot 110s in about a week ago for my dual rear setup. I can post pictures when I get back from vacation.

I’ll try to remember to open one up when I get home. I’m gonna sensor them,so they’ll be apart anyway.

Treenutter, you say that you are going to try a dual rear with the tacon 160. Which truck would fit those monsters in dual rear ? I thought only the 110 would fit a dual rear …

@akira a mountain board truck like surfrodz, trampa, or scram.

Oh right !! I did not think of montainboards … I will try try the 110 on caliber 180 trucks.

I’m pretty sure any 195 truck will work

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