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TACON Bigfoot 160 fit enertion motor mount

Hey guys,
So I have ordered a mono drive motor mount/trucks etc from Enertion, also ordered the 190kV 6372 motor from them. I just received my Tacon Bigfoot 160 which I ordered last week. My question is, if I decide to use the Tacon on my mono drive board instead of the Enertion motor will the motor mount line straight up and will everything go together fine? I have just shaved a flat spot into the motor shaft of the Tacon for the pulley set screw, so should have no problems with that slipping at all.


Yeah, you’ll be fine. Most of all 63mm motors have the same bolt spacing.


Sweet mate, cheers! That’s what I was thinking, just wanted to confirm.

Yeah, they’re pretty much the same motors except for the added length and the upgrades.

Ok cool cool, does anyone recommend either or for any reasons in particular? Any advantages or disadvantages of either motor? I have heard really good things about both of them tho. I have some decent hills around my area too so to be able to get up them without too much strain on the old motor would be good, bare in mind I’m only about 68kg.

at 68kg I think any motor is going to sling you up some hills. LOL

Haha yeah well that’s a good thing mate!