🎉 --NEW-- Johnny Repair T-SHIRT ! 🎉

Hey Guys…

I’ve been working on this little project for over a month now, and finally receive my sample, which are completely Awesome :grin:. I was looking for a way to not only promote myself (but why not also do it ¯_(ツ)_/¯) , but the esk8 DIY scene in general. @Michaelinvegas start about a month the #esk8squad, and now it’s my time to jump aboard the train with those Johnny Repair T-shirt.

These are 6 new original design, that every one can bought and customize a bit (changing the colour of the shirt and the graphic, the type of shirt, the placement, … ).

I know, I know, I’ve misspell “steal”, :disappointed_relieved:, but it’s already change in the final version. :wink:

These are already Available at my STORE

If you have question or suggestion for new design feel free to ask. It is a new process for me, I will try my best to come out with new design from time to time…

Thank to ALL. JF


Sweet as! Should the steel be steal on that tshirt?

Yeah… :sweat_smile: It has been corrected on the final version…