Take my new 30q n welder

New. Don’t want to spotweld n going back to lipo. Make me an offer. The s Korean spot welder that uses 3s too. Nakiura…I forget his name.
50 cells

Aluakiria. Did you get the soldering iron with it?

Pm sent hehe

I’d take that spot welder off your hands. Willing to ship to Canada?

man that was freaking fast

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No iron. Want bucks today. Make me an offer please

The arduino spot welder ?

Post pics.


No pics I’m at work. They’re pink n cylindrical. It’s the spotweldee made by …the s Korea guy that goes w lipo

Interested in 50 30q cells.

Q: new or used ( might be dumb question) EDIT: yup just like title says NEW… my bad!

Q: pm/ post $$ looking for all 50

260$ for all n welder

I’ll take it

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Ur in USA? I’ll do it. First at paypal [email protected] plus maybe 20$ ship. Do I have anything to do shipping cells?

Sooner I can ride god damn it! Fucccck.

Put them in a box.

As I remember it they ask if u have lithium batteries n turn u away. From usps

dam i wanted the spot welder

you got a lipo for it to sell?

Saw a guy rip into a 50v(?) Dewalt battery. There is a mechanical tab (when inserted into tool) that makes it go from a shippable pack to non shippable pack.

2 things; •Might have a voltage max for shipping/package •I also seem to recall that it had to ship via ground.