Take my new lipos

Take these new batteries I won’t use

(4) 3s zippy compact 4500mah. 35c (4) 3s multistar. 5000mah. 10c

120$ for all of them!! Pick up in San Francisco only.

No shipping options for local?

Shipping lipos is a big deal to the post office. Where are u? Pm me if u want them

southern cali. Just wondering if you want all of them gone or can part with a few. I dont really want the multistars tho

Ok. I’ll ship u just the zippy compact. 4500mah. 35c. 80$. If u PayPal me humminashadeeba@gmail. It’ll go out the next day. These are brand new perfect condition.

Take my motor mount too for 25$. Comes with baseplate and all the hardware for the truck.

and a motor pulley and belt. Or just the lipos!!


You want to sell all four of them? Would you be willing to sell just two?

What kind of motor mount @Hummie?

I made a couple with resin and carbon making a mold. Fits the tacon and kegel. Please take them!! I’ve got 120 hub motors coming in the mail in 3 days and want them out.

Is there any way to modify them to be adjustable? Fit caliber trucks? What motor pulley, wheel pulley and belt size does it need to work?

They’re permanently on caliber. Not adjustable. 9mm belt. They’re set to go with 17x 36 tooth pulleys I think. It’s been a while.

Lol e-sk8 problems lol

It only fit tacon and will only do 17/36?

Just double checking don’t mean for you to repeat yourself

If u took the trouble to put new pulleys in a distance calculator u could put different pulleys on and with a different belt. The mount has the motor in a fixed position so you have to work around that

Roger that @Hummie… I shall pass … Thank you sir :metal:t2:

What’s the center to center distance, and what length belt worked with your 17/36 setup?

Sorry it’s been so long I don’t remember. It’s about as tight a fit as possible. 17 tooth was the minimum and still having enough teeth engagement.

So, would your mount come with a 17mm pulley and belt to match, or is it just the mount/truck only?