Taking apart a Diyelectricskateboard Motor [solved]

I have a Diyelectricskateboard Motor 6374 190Kv and I wanted to paint it and I was not sure how to take it apart. Does anyone know how?

let me tell you right now its very very hard to pull apart the the motor as the magnets are extaordinarily strong. i have already tried it.

Just remove the c clip n slide off the rotor. Not too hard


Ok thank you

While you have it disassembled put some epoxy on the outer rings that holds the magnets, this is the only weak part of the motor, 1000 miles with constant vibrations looses it


Thank you for the advice

Also watch your fingers when putting the stator back in

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What do you mean by that?

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Ill show you one min

Actually I don’t know how to share that, just be careful where you put your fingers :joy:

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They will pinch you and you’ll prolly get a pretty gnarley blood blister. It’s happened to me lol


Sounds like fun I will just take my time with it. any tips?

Keep the motor bolted to the mount for a better grip.

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What @Colson003 said.

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I just used automotive pulley puller. And pull the stator out of the bell. Vs trying to pull the bell.off of the stator… if that makes sense…wish I took pictures earlier…just did it…

What is a automotive pulley puller?

How’d you take out bearings?

I don’t want to ruin anything


Rubber mallet and moving this around through the shaft hole to the other side

Then a bearing press holder with the rubber mallet. To put em back in after using a vacuum bag to vacuum pack the bearings


Thanks to all just received my motor and knew exactly what to do. I got it off and just did the first coat of paint.

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Finished Product