Taking longboard and Spacecell on an airplane?

I was wondering if its against regulations to bring my longboard in my checked bag on a flight?

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Your spacecell would probably not be allowed, most companies limit traveling with batteries to 99 or 160wh, your spacecell exceeds that

The space cell would require a shiny official looking sticker on it that says “99Wh battery” which could be easily made :slight_smile:

I would not do this even if you got passed the TSA.

Would you want to be the reason why a multi-million dollar airplane had to make an emergency landing if something were to go wrong?

What if you checked it? Like, put it in a protective box and hoped it doesn’t get lost. Would you be allowed to do that?

Here is the IATA regulations for batteries. I have already posted this in another thread.


I also read somewhere else that, notwithstanding the above, electric vehicles in general are not allowed in passengers planes, but that could be only with certain airlines. I have also noted a new sign this morning in my local airport with only single li-ion cells on the picture, I hope they are not introducing new restrictions.