Tampa short vs long deck

Hi! I’m planning my next build with @Nowind Etoxx direct drive. I’m having difficulty debating on getting the short or long deck. I mainly want to consider the shorter deck because I already have a trampa long deck for road use. This new direct drive build is for off road and doing tricks.

So my questions is, what are the differences in pros and cons between the two decks? And is the bindings distance the same for both decks? If the bindings distance is shorter the short deck then its an automatic no from me because i really like the bindings distance on the long deck.

Hoping @okp @trampa or @Nowind can answer this for me :wink:

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I never owned a “long deck” The difference from HolyPro to Short is really not that much… stance is the same IMO For Tricks i love the Short

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Ya dude, i’ve been watching your videos a lot for the past few days for research. So hype to try some of your tricks. How many ply do you use for your deck? @Nowind

Tell me which video and i tell you which deck

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Go the short deck if you want to do tricks bro, just don’t try to beat MoeStooge in a drag race :sunglasses:

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Probably should have phrase that question better. How many ply do you think is best for off road use? I like to jump off boulders and rocks and going over muds and such.

ha! no worries, still got that belt pulley trampa board for road use :wink:

Depends on what ya wheight

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I’m 95kg and I just ordered a 17ply…

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15 ply for me it is then! Gonna strap a bunch of lipos and make some removable packs for me :innocent:

I think Jenso is 80 and he mentioned to me he likes a 16 for mtb last I asked… Are you like 155lb/70kg? or…

About 170lb. I’d like just a bit of flex in there so I guess it’s alright?

I think it all comes down to how hard you will ride, how high you want to jump. The softer board will be more comfortable on the road at tame speeds but will bottom out an not store as much energy obviously… how much spring do you want in your trampa-line?

I think it is a bit like saddles on a bicycle, if you think those skinny little leather beaks are uncomfortable… it means you are not riding hard or fast enough… too much weight on the seat not enough on the pedals and to a extent the bars.

Sport bikes are a bit the same too, some people don’t like the crazy tuck… you just need to go harder for it to make sense…

short deck :slight_smile:

The Holy Pro is very good for E-conversion. Its lengthwise between the Short and the Long, but the tips are cut down to allow more space for the drive train.


Are there any other big differences between the short and the holypro?

The Holy Pro has a different outline and holes. Holy …