TaoBao cheap 6374 motor under $30 USD

Hi all,

Have anyone tried these motors from China?

The price is good and I wonder if the motors are ok. Any thoughts?

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For 30$ buy it for science and post the results here!

They probably cheaped out on the coils a lot


Yeah! it’s pretty cheap and I will probably give a try on it, but it would be nice to know if anyone went through with it and what are their impressions.

My friend has 2 of those small red ones, they cant handle alot of amps and mainly used for kit boards with a maxium draw of around 20 amps.

They work great, good option if your limited to a small 10s2p battery.

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I have them here and i can tell you im quite disappointed. A customer of mine had a burned motor on his pennyboard and he used one of these. The motor had a max speed of 12mph. I guess the bright side is hes faster than walking.

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I can do that with regular pushing no electricity needed… At those speeds may as well use a regular push board.

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No doubt lol

that sounds more like a battery/vesc problem to me


They seem to look pretty similar to the maytech motors.