Tasteful Grand Tourer. Deck, Bustin Boombox. Motors, dual 6374 or 6355. DD or DR drive

I am in the early stages of buying parts for a tasteful grand tourer board. In the GT tradition, I am not looking to build a stealth build, just a comfortable, distance oriented, fast, well put together and good looking e-board. I currently weigh 250 lbs but I have been losing significant weight. I expect to weight closer to 200 by the time the board is ready for its maiden voyage. Here are the planned parts;

Deck; http://www.bustinboards.com/boombox-longboard-details

Dual Motors; http://www.maytech.cn/en/mto6374-170-ha/10339.html or 6355 190kv

Trucks; collections/longboard-trucks/products/torqueboards-218mm-trucks

FOCBOXs; http://www.enertionboards.com/electric-skateboard-parts/FOCBOX-programmable-brushless-motor-controller/

Wheels; https://evolveskateboardsusa.com/collections/wheels/products/evolve-f1-street-wheels-black-107mm-74a

Pulleys; Undecided. Looking for a decent set of 36 tooth Flywheel inserts, and 14 tooth motor pulleys.

Motor mounts; Undecided. Likely collections/electric-skateboard-motor-mounts/products/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-set-only-black

Enclosure; Undecided, but very likely one of Psychotiller’s; https://psychotiller.com/products/shop/enclosures

Battery; 12S4P li-ion https://psychotiller.com/product/18650-30q-battery-pack-with-charge-only-bms-usa-only

Remote; Undecided. Something simple. Possibly Enertion’s remote http://www.enertionboards.com/electric-skateboard-parts/nano-x-enertion-2-4ghz-controller/

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For the trucks go with TB 218mm trucks but get new pivot cups and bushings

I think I will get the TB Trucks. I’ll use the Caliber trucks I have on a non-electric board.

OP edited to remove Caliber trucks.

Watch in like 20 years we are all riding on Esk8’s while our neighbors who despised us are riding on Hoverboards that fly with lipos that come already about to explode but the hoverboards actually fly but only for a couple seconds before your legs and board blows up Sorry for the random comment

I got the dual 218mm kit from diyelectric. Everything works as advertised. I did change out my bushings. Still need to change pivot cups though.

@E1Allen Is it together yet? If so how does it run?

Sweet deck.

Super smooth. I am doing basically the same setup except for I’m having a friend build the battery pack and right now I have 18/36 gears. The dual 6374 motors have tons of torque.

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I may have ran into a slight enclosure problem. Looks like I may be limited to about 20 inches (50.8 cm) in overall enclosure length.

That’s a flexible deck isn’t it? You going to go for 2 smaller enclosures?

The deck is on the stiff side. I cannot fit two enclosures and the 12S4P battery.

Would this be useful for you? It has 37mm minimum inside clearance, could be used for a triangular double stack battery?(I’ve never done this) Here it is fitted to my deck.


Yeah, that could work.

I would look for bigger wheel pulleys. I’m running @JuniorPotato93 44t pulleys on my 107’s and it’s much better than the 36t’s I had initially. I’m on 15t motor pulleys and weigh about 160.


So he’s the pully artist. Good to know.

I have decided to use the Bustin deck as a pusher and ordered a Redember deck. I have TB 218mm trucks, Maytech 6374 motors, and the evolve 107mm ABEC wheels.

I would like to throw my drivetrain together but I am unsure what pulleys will fit with the Maytech motors and where I should buy them. I am partial to the pulleys fitted to ABEC wheels. My pulleys are by @marcmt88.