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Taulman3D Nylon Alloy Filament (Pulleys)

I just ordered a spool of this stuff to print some pulleys. Has anyone had any experience with this stuff? If not, what did you print your pulleys with and how are they holding up?


Well, considering that Enertion uses GF reinforced Nylon, this may work alright.

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I have tried with ABS, it is very strong but a bit toxic while printing.
Normally the teeth of 3D printed pulleys are not deep enough, so make sure your drawings are correct.

I have some tungsten filament I need to get around to printing pulleys with. Let me know how it goes

Well that was an amazing experience. Put in some quick settings in Simplify3D and Boom. It printed like a dream. (If anyone needs pulleys I can print them for a small fee).


Is this for Kegels? They look gr8! I’d consider it if you could do some testing and see how long they last :smiley:

Will do. The tensile strength of this stuff is 8100PSI! If ABS will last then this stuff definitely will. And yes for Kegels.

Have you tried to put this on an esk8 yet?

I also wanted to note that selling these are illegal, the creative commons licence is very strict on thingiverse. I advise everyone of this when I see them selling parts they downloaded of thingiverse.

I dont suppose you’re in the UK are you?? I could do with one of these for a kegel.

I’m not. I’m in US sorry.

I understand they are “free” cc, but surely some $ for his materials and time is OK? He’s not selling you the item, merely the cost for materials to make that item?

I had some nylon wheel pulleys made and probably about 100 miles so far w/o issue. a bit more slippage for me, but not a big deal.

Be interesting to know how this performes as I also print my own parts including my drive wheel pully so if it goes well and lasts longer than pla or abs I might get some as well.

How do you know the pulley comes from thingiverse and was not designed by him? A pulley like this is easily designed in 3D CAD.

I actually purchased this particular design.

Here is the file on thingiverse -

The files are exactly the same, and this would take some time to draw up in cad @Maxid

I am not trying to be mean in any way, when I see someone selling 3d prints that are not their own I just kindly warn them, and move on. @stuxtruth I feel bad if you actually purchased this because the exact same file is on thingiverse

Hey. No biggie! I bought it with a bundle of files including a 3D printable motor mount.

How would it be hard to draw up in CAD though? It’s just a few extrudes and revolves. Just gotta make sure the dimensions are correct.

It’s a bit more than that. 3d modeling takes time, especially to get it right. Most times people who do not have much experience 3d modeling think it is a lot easier than it looks, again not trying to be offensive in any way.

Well I would know. I do it for a living lol.

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A kegel pulley will obviously look the same when you design it yourself as the shape stays the same. Also who forbids him to copy the design of this thingiverse pulley? I am a beginner in CAD and even I was able to make my own Kegel pulley in a matter of hours as I wanted a different number of teeth. You just can’t prove that he actually used the file from thingiverse so there is no point in talking about license issues.