Tavola Corta | 90kv Hubs | 12S | VESC | 80mm Kegels + Arsenal Cast | Jet Spud

Now that I have perfected my first board, I am moving to my second. Over the 8 months that I have been on this forum, I have seen some beautiful boards and some really f*cking amazing boards (@cmatson @whitepony @longhairedboy @FLATLINEcustoms and a few other people) So, it is time to level up my craftsmanship and get better at not breaking or doing things wrong.

Here is my proposed build: Deck: Jet Spud :heavy_check_mark: Motors: Hummie’s Hubs :heavy_check_mark: ESC: VESC from Ollin T&R: Winning or TorqueBoards or Enertion remote Trucks & front wheels: Arsenal cast trucks + orangatang kegel orange :heavy_check_mark:. Enclosure: Vacuum formed by me Connectors: XT60+5.5mm Battery: I’m going to try and make a lithium ion using the arduino spot welder I am making. Thanks guys!


Oh Geesus finally :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Looking good dude

Ikr. 3 reasons my first board took forever:

  1. my UBEC broke
  2. It was my first diy project
  3. I suck at soldering

Soldering is a lot easier if you practice in a well ventilated area and have a powerful solder gun

I was previously soldering in my room :neutral_face: I will soon have a workbench in a well ventilated area and I will practise for a day. Thanks.

I solder outside, so thats always nice

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Making progress with the deck:

Soldered on 5.5mm bullets:


What do u mean u suck at soldering? Those things look great. Wouldn’t recommend doing that in ur room though, lead and fumes and all. If you have a decent sized garage that’ll do the trick

I’ve improved a lot since I said that. I now solder outside my dad’s warehouse. PS: The instagram group is full. May have to remove people that aren’t active on it.

Pictures say it all. Getting closer to finishing the spot welder and I fully sanded the deck and then applied griptape. I have the carbon vinyl and arduino nano coming in the mail and will order trucks this weekend.

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Speaking about soldering: I always do that in my office, so it’s a closed room as well. And even though I am using an air cleaning station for soldering my fire alarm went off today. Kind of embarrassing. :wink:

And the arsenal cast trucks are really great, I absolutely enjoy their behavior. They are good to carve and good for small radius curves and still very solid on faster speeds!

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First time applying griptape. Not too shabby. I just put some old penny trucks and wheels on. Not ridable though since the axle is so short lol. The board just tips over.

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Ready for some extreme esk8 porn? @whitepony @cmatson @longhairedboy

Just need to get battery, esc, t&r, enclosure and I am done.



Mission accomplished :joy:


Epoxied the hubs today. I’ve been slowly doing this build, just like all my others haha. 10s battery is welded, soldering it tomorrow and configuring the VESCs tomorrow as well. Video coming tomorrow night. @Hummie


nice deck. nice hub motors. nice front wheel drive.

What do you mean front wheel drive?

How long does the omega 100 epoxy take to set? Mine is stronger but still not set

24 hours to cure. Don’t mess with it while curing

I’d like the board front wheel drive.

I’m definitely doing rear wheel drive. I gave it a quick test because I thought the epoxy had cured. I’ll leave it for a few days and wont touch it just to be sure