TB 120A 12S Opto ESC

Question to the group, as I picked up a pair of TB 120A 12S Opto ESC awhile back but have not used them. I have only done VESC builds, and these were used ESC that came with programming card but no instructions. Will ping Dexter @torqueboards but are there instruction manuals on programmable settings for TB ESC and how to use the FVR program card? Quick scan of forum and DIY website did not surface the basics yet, but exploring on phone so not optimal right now lol. Any links much appreciated as I blew a vesc over the weekend and want to use these while I get that fixed!

Try these

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And this might be useful too, if you need firmware for better brakes, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Thanks @Mobutusan this was very helpful. Ended up getting sidetracked in finding one if the ESC was defective so need to investigate further lol.

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