TB 218 trucks on a LY Switchblade?

My Caliber 44s get massive wheel bite on the LY Switchblade, even with 75mm wheels and dewedging. TB’s trucks have a 50 degree baseplate, but I don’t have any caliber 50s to do a test fit on the Switchblade. My Bear trucks are 52 degrees and work fine, but they don’t shorten the wheel base like calibers (and presumably TBs) do.

Thinking about rolling the dice on the TB trucks but not sure if that extra 6 degrees will be enough.

Anyone tried the TB trucks on a Switchblade? Or Caliber 50s on a switchblade? (drop through, I know they’ll all work fine top mounted)

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Ran into the same problem today! I’ve got a 38" Switchblade, 50° Caliber trucks and 80mm Kegel wheels. If I tightened the trucks very tight then it wasn’t too big of an issue, but I want to make turns with this board, so it wasn’t good enough for me.

What I did was I drilled holes in the deck for the shorter bolt mount pattern, which gave me like a cm more for clearance. IMG_20190421_174817 IMG_20190421_180923

Now I can run the trucks looser than I feel comfortable with and still no wheel bite! IMG_20190421_182207 IMG_20190421_182200

Before and after

Before: IMG_20190421_182115

After: IMG_20190421_182107

I’m surprised a deck this expensive has problems like this :roll_eyes:

Update: Went for a ride just now, if I try hard enough I can definitely get wheel bite, but the wheels slip a little so it’s not a full stop. In any case, the ride was so much fun! I could pump really nicely with dual 50° trucks! Very stable, very carvy! Definitely best board I’ve ever had. :smiley:



Between the over 35 inch decks my favor one for sure!

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Thanks for the help Rusins. My switchblade’s been chopped so redrilling isn’t an option, but good to know the 50s bite with 80mm wheels. I’ve got 90mm flywheels so the TB/50Cals probably aren’t going to work for me even with some serious wheel well sanding.


Now I just have to decide between new motor mounts and trucks, a new switchblade that’ll need to be chopped up, or new wheel pulleys and drilling out some smaller solid core wheels.

Why don’t you use the TB218s with the 44degree base plates you already have?

44Cals were unusable on the switchblade even with 70mm wheels. Wider hanger wont fix the kind of bite I’m seeing with 90mm flywheels, needs a higher base angle or longer wheelbase(likely both, with some sanding on top of that).

What I really need is a caliber compatible baseplate that doesn’t shorten the wheelbase, but randal wont ship to Canada and I don’t know of anyone else who sells just base plates.

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I top mounted caliber II 50° and was able to run 107mm wheels with no bite


What enclosure do you have?