Tb Direct Drive with 12s4p battery

I recently saw the the Torque Boards direct drive system and I really want to get it. However, I want to use the huge 12s4p battery with the enclosure that goes with it, and evo falcon 36” deck, I will use the 110mm wheels the tb provides but will there be enough ground clearance from the battery pack. I can use the big wheels because I am really light and don’t need much torque and also because I don’t want to have to worry about bumps. Thanks!

Is the question:

Will the tb 12s4p battery and enclosure fit on a ly falcon?

If so, yes: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/friendship-ended-with-evolve-now-diy-is-my-best-friend-landyachtz-evo-falcon-12s4p-dual-6374/56566

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The enclosure itself will fit an Evo Falcon, I did it on the 2nd iteration of my gear drive. If you have enough clearance or not is another question. Im guessing, but I think you will just not a lot.

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