TB ESC connectors

I’m trying to figure out what all the connectors on my TorqueBoards VESC are for. Most importantly, I’m trying to figure out where to plug in the motor sensors and the remote control. I made a labeled picture. If someone could just go through the numbers and tell me what each plug is for, that would be great! I really wish the TB store had this information easily available (at least I couldn’t find it).vesc_connections_crop

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I found a post stating the pinout of the sensor plug for my motor (sk8 6374). This coincides with the silkscreen on the pcb of 6-pin plug “1”.

6-pin (1) seems to be for Hall sensors GND H3 H2 H1 TEMP 5v

(2) is just the usb

4-pin (3) since pins say CAN I guess this is the “can bus” 5v CANH CAN1 GND

3-pin header (4) since the RC connector is 3-pin, this must be it not labeled

6-pin (5) serial communication? 3.3v CLK GND DIO RST

7-pin (6) - seems to be for remote control ADC2 MISO RX MOSI SCL TX NSS SDA ADC SCX GND 3.3v 5v


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