TB ESC(s) 12s for sale

TB ESC for sale

$120 for one $235 for both

Shipping included in the US.

Which one exactly?

im sorry, the 12s one

Still have these for sale!

And you will for a while. They are only a few bucks cheaper than from torqueboards himself, and thats without shipping included.

120 shipped. compared to 145 plus shipping… ? I already have most of them sold and i just got my shipment in today lol @Stevemk14ebr

Do your research before you open your mouth.

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@Stevemk14ebr He’s selling brand new ones at a great price. They aren’t used or second hand parts. Besides if you get from @barajabali you don’t even have to pay CA tax as well! Good amount of savings there I might add! :wink:


Do you still have these?

Yes how many do you need?