TB input pins coming off!

Recently I’ve ran into the situation where both the mini usb input on my @torqueboards vesc and the micro usb on the nano 2.4ghz remote broke off. I know these can be soldered back on, but has anyone else experienced the same? I’ve just never had multiple parts from the same company break off. I’ve contacted them and they said they wont replace either. :frowning:

I give a pass on the vesc because there is a good amount of vibrations under the board, but the remote input literally consists of me plugging in the cord to charge and unplugging to use. Really?!

Happend with my torqueboard nano remote the first day i got it. Had to do some soldering. Now i have some new problems with it. Time to buy a new one from another supplier.

I love the simple, compact feel. Although the control range from start to full throttle is so short.

Will the boosted remote work with the TB vesc? https://shop.boostedboards.com/products/2nd-gen-remote

no it will not. any remote 2.4ghz which you can buy a receiver and the transmitter will work. you need both components.

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Have you done the PPM Pulselength mapping in VESC Tool/BLDC tool? Helped alot for me!

Those nano controllers are the same unit wherever you buy them. They all have a very short throttle range which I personally don’t like. Mapping does help but its a physical thing really. Try a remote with a longer throw on the trigger like a maytech.

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I’ve had the mini remote now for a few a week or so and its WAAAAAY better from a throttle rang standpoint compared to the nano! The bigger size will have to grow on me but from a rideabliity standpoint is soo much better FYI.

The nanos are crap tbh, I have two, both have bulged batteries and one of them snapped the usb input off.

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