Tb Mount always comes loose

I currently have all four Allen screws covered In blue loctite. I really don’t want to graduate to rocksett. Does anyone make a mount that will hold? I get about five miles before mine comes loose and I’m using metric blue Allen keys until they bend. I can’t go any tighter save an impact.

How long do you usually let the glue cure before using the board?

A day. I’ve taken classes in belt alignment so I’m pretty sure it’s straight. This mount really needs to be double wide to account for the motor torque


This really works If not then get the upgraded two piece clamp from @torqueboards

Take a look at my line of motor mounts: Janux-esk8.com

Yeap, as long as you use a socket wrench for the extra torque and flush the mount in the correct direction. Mine never came loose following @Deckoz method after the first try

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I have been using TB’s D ring mount for a long time and they have not come loose. I follow a specific tightening procedure and use an Allen socket on a ratchet, not an Allen wrench. I tighten the top and rear bolts first to pull the ring tight against the forward and bottom edges of the hanger and then tighten the then I tighten the forward and bottom bolts to lock it in place.

Yea that’s what I’ve been doing. I used rocksett a few days ago and so far so good. It’s an engineering adhesive specifically meant for high vibration environments. It breaks free similar to blue loctite but has high vibration and heat resistance. I use it on the suppressors of my firearms to keep them from coming loose. It seems to be excelling in this application also.

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@Brdchris If you still have issues. Email us. We have new 2pc clamps that should be much easier to install.

I emailed you guys over a month ago, still no response!

Edit, just checked. I emailed you on the 20th July