TB Nano remote mini USB help

Hi all,

Today the mini USB port that charged the tiny lipo battery in the TB Nano remote fell off. I think this was due to a crash, an then repeated yanking of the usb cord out.

Does anyone know how to fix this, or how to install a different charger? It just needs 5v right?

Some pictures of what I mean: !mlTS2XtpvfKmQ7P2ucKHkuD7los20180330_234754|374x500

Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m not an expert at micro usb ports lol.

I think you only need to solder the port back to the 2 big pads on the remote since all it takes to charge a battery is a positive and a negative pole.

I have no idea what the middle lines between those 2 pads are though. If anyone is more experienced in this field please correct me if I’m wrong

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the 2 big ones are just anchor pads. the inbetween are the actual usb connection lanes, 2 of which would be +/- and the others are normally for actual data transfer on usb, which are not used in this remote.

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@ARetardedPillow @Aleks

I’m pretty sure the copper on the anchor pads came up completely, so I will have to glue those down. I’m guessing by the pictures, the left two pads are the +and-. Anyone have confirmation on this?

@Meche I understand the drawing. Could I glue the mini USB in order to anchor it? Or can I “restore” the copper on the pads? How would I solder to the C8 cap? I see what that is, I’m just not entirely sure where on it :joy:

Where is the closest ground I can solder to?

Thank you for your help!

Didn’t seem to work. I will have to try it with a different battery and see if it works better