TB or Maytech 6374

I was using a dual TB build, until I found a broken winding in one of the motors and now I need either a second TB or 2 new ones. With Maytech EU group buy, I could buy some new, unsealed ones for 160e with out shipping, and TB one is 160$ with shipping but with out import charges. So price wise Maytech wins and I would also have a spare left TB motor for future. But what about the performance and quality between those two? Should I stick to TB or go with Maytech? Both are 190kv, I don’t use sensors. TB is rated for Max 80a and 3150w, but the Maytech one is 65a but 3550w…?2

Well considering the higher amp allowance on the torqueboards motor you’d be able to take advantage of that extra amperage in that motor which would deliver a bit more actual torque to your motors. It’s pretty unlikely you’re using the full wattage of your motor most the time so I would go for the increased amperage myself. That said, I’ve never used the Maytech motors myself. Maybe my best buddies @longhairedboy @skatardude10 @kaaaaahle have some experience with that motor versus TB?

the maytech 6374s are just nasty, 3500 watt power handling with sensors. I have no experience with TB motors.


I guess you mean nasty in a good way?

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Yeah he does

Maytech are rock solid

you can get around 2.5kW from focbox anyways so huge amp ratings aren’t really important

Maytech makes great motors go with them over anyone

Tb gives me -35$ for the broken one, so it’s either 125$ + import for one TB or 160E + shiping for 2 maytechs…What would you do? Maytech?

Psychotiller, mmaner and sender all say good things about the maytech motors. That’s enough for me. I know TB does great products. Ive always been happy with my orders from them. Super excited about thier upcoming products. But that maytech group buy is a great deal.


Higher amp ratings usually indicate that the motor will stay cooler under load, and will last longer (unless its just put together in a shitty way or you bash it into a curb or something.)

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You and Jake rode my old 12s4p dual 6374 Evo in Orlando it had TB motors.

Now that same build is much much faster :slight_smile:

I’d buy the extra tb and then the maytechs and build something else. You can never have too many motors.


900 miles on maytech sealed motors. Not a single issue. Rock solid stuff

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I clocked Jake at 44mph on that thing. How much faster?

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Now it will do 50+ with me on it. But it’s got 2 more motors and a much larger battery and different gearing.


That’s rad. Jelly

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Not copying that one dude. Copied the old version and it is quite quick enough thankyou very much.


Anyone find a difference between the sealed and the unsealed 6374s?

im about to do my first build and ive been trying to look for info on maytech 6374s. i looked at the dimensions of the maytech 6374 sensor covered motor and realized that they are not actually 74mm length and actually 76 i think. i wanna know if anyone know for a fact the 2mm difference (4mm since im gonna run dual) will fit on TB 218mm trucks with a 15mm belt on abec style pully. Thank you in advance =].

edit: im wanna use maytech 6374 sensor sealed/covered 8mm shaft size motors, not sure if that makes a difference.