TB trucks+Caliber plates+nipple bushings+cheap motor mounts. EU 60e

Here I have a pair of used TB trucks. With all the usual upgrades: Caliber baseplates in 50/44, Rocking Riot pivot cups in 97, Nipple bushings. IMG_20190803_152458 IMG_20190803_152442 IMG_20190803_152651 IMG_20190803_152409 IMG_20190803_152344

I would like 70euros for them + shipping inside Eu

And a pair of motor mounts, one is cut tho for faster motor replacement. Comes with bearing idlers. 25 euros or 20 with the trucks. I am open to offers.

IMG_20190313_124743 IMG_20190313_124634

What’s the length of trucks? Will this fit for AT longboard?

218mm, it will fit, but not with all wheels.

60 euros for the trucks.

So is it 44 or 50 deg.? And as I understand you sell it with caliber baseplates only? (without TB baseplates)

It’s 50 for front and 44 for the back. I could sell with TB plates, but why would you want that?

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just asking… if trucks have different baseplates the back of the deck will be lower then front? and what is wrong with TB baseplates? :stuck_out_tongue:

Caliber baseplates are a bit more well made and trucks come out a bit more stable, than with the stock plates, height difference is like 2mm, pretty much no difference in real life. :slight_smile:

Are you willing to sell the baseplates by themselves?

Still have this?