TB VESC (Motor Detection Failure)

This is my first build. Enertion big boy motor TB VESC and 6S LIPO. Watched the vids on set up. Changed the parameters for my batteries, everything went well until I did a motor detection, nothing happened and got motor detection failed, no error code. Did a search on the forum to try to find some trouble shoot info. How do I figure out if it’s the motor or the VESC?

Am no expert, but am going to prepare you for when someone who does,to have your information already laid out, Post/say , what firmware of BLC TOOL? where you download it from. what are your blc settings (post them), picture of build (maybe faulty phase wire loose or there touching)

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I would try a different battery, different motor if you have them. Like @Exiledd_Top said, post screen shots of the BLDC tab so we can what settings you are running.

Make sure to set your cutoff start/end settings since your using a 6S Lipo.

ok, thanks for any/all input. Please see complete information attached. This stuff is all brand new but almost 1 year old. I had issues creating enclosures and work got busy so it got set aside for awhile. I finally got enclosures done and just purchased cable so I could connect the VESC to my PC and configure. I am using XT60 anti-spark for both anti-spark key and to connect my wiring harness to VESC. Batteries (6S) charge and discharge no problem. Just get a flashing red LED when I connect to BLDC. I adjusted the battery cut off settings and the braking regen strength but nothing else. I want to figure out if the VESC is the problem or the motor. I would bet VESC before motor but need to confirm. Give me a list of things to try. I might send the VESC back to Dexter and ask him to check it for me and see if he gets the same result. I hope I did not waste 100 bucks on a bad VESC.