TB VESC vs MayTech VESC vs others

okay guys so ive looked around and ive heard of both answers sayin which is better. lots of people say TB vesc is unreliable, etc and maytech is very good. but i also hear that TB is good. so idk. i’ll put a poll down on which you guys think is better or which vesc you guys prefer buying. i really dont know.

  • I like TB VESC
  • I dont like TB Vesc

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  • I like Maytech VESC
  • I dont like maytech vesc

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  • I like a specific one
  • Doesnt matter to me

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make sure you guys comment down your reasons to why you prefer one over the other so that me and other people could make educated decisions when choosing. THANKSSS

This myth that TB VESC’s are unreliable is crap. In all honesty I don’t think they are as high quality as FocBox’s but they are 2/3 the cost so you get what you pay for. The TB VESC has an upgraded BOM, the Maytech VESC does not. I’ve got half a dozen TB VESC’s running in both single and dual configurations, for many miles and many months. I’ve only had 1 die, @torqueboards replaced it right away…and it was likely my fault.

Take it for what its worth, but there is a lot of opinion on this forum that is colored by limited user experience. Some new guy will buy a VESC, connect it incorrectly or run it full throttle on the bench and then get pissed because is blew up. Then gets even more pissed when TB won’t replace it and starts taking digs. It’s silly and irresponsible, but there you go…


What happened to that one TB VESC that died? How did you get it replaced? for free?

I ran it in FOC on a 200kv motor, and ran the absolute hell out of it. I PM’d @torqueboards, told him what happened and why, he said it should’ve been fine on FOC (it was a limited run that had some issues) so he would replace it, and did, for free.

Is it bad to run on FOC with 200kv motor? I was planning to run with FOC with 213kv motor.

That depends on the battery. You need to figure the KV vs ERPM.


okay i got kv and erpm. what am i supposed to compare?

You completely left out the most reliable VESC I have ever used, lol…I know it’s counter intuitive, but the Hobbyking version has been the best performing for me out of those three… Its the one that comes in this kit… https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-skateboard-conversation-kit-v2.html?mode=list

also ive been seeing a lot of people voting but not a lot of commenting and explaination to their opinion. to help me and other people out, please list out reasons to why you prefer that vesc. thanks.

ERPM should be below 60k. All of this info is available in multiple threads, look at eh VESC setup tutorials.

it seems like majority of people dont like either TB or maytech. :confused:

All I can say is if you buy Tb use PayPal.

I’ve had two faulty vesc from TB, confirmed all settings in the discord channel. No fault of my own 100% sure of it.

One is overheating and they will refund when I ship back. The other is drv and have not had much luck with that one, I’ll likely have a crack at replacing the chip myself.

may tech and tb will most likely perform the same

Hey guys, can anyone advice hot to properly setup brakes with the Maytech MTVESC100A? When I accelerate and brake, braking is smooth, but for example when I accelerate at full speed let go of the acceleration roll by myself for a moment and then brake (or for example when I am going downhill without electric accelaration) it brakes to stop hard, throwing me off the board. I use the free vesc tool. Please help guys :slight_smile:

What’s your vesc settings at the moment? Motor Max/min Battery max/min

I will check out tomorrow and get back to you, ok? Thank you for quick reply.

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