TB218 Trucks - USA

Looking for a good deal on some TB218 trucks. Ideally want something clean and unmolested.

Thanks! Joshua

You are probably going to have a hard time finding any that are without scratches from motor mounts anywhere on the forum. If you are interested I have an extra pair but they are fairly beat up. They work just fine just not that visually appealing.


You can get them Directly from TB


They are well priced and they ship very fast.


What @Battosaii said… 65$ is really cheap for trucks considering the only real comparable trucks in size are SurfRodz with 200mm hangers…

If u want an unmolested set drop the 65… if u want a scratch and dent set for around half that, try ur hand here at the forums… but looking for like new trucks for scratch and dent prices won’t happen.