TBs motor mount screw size

Anyone know the size of the hex screws on TBs motor mounts? I’ve tried a bunch of stuff both imperial and metric but im finding it impossible to work on these things without stripping everything.

They’re metric, which screws are you talking about. There’s like 4 different screws on the mount.

and which version? Newest 2 piece v4?

@torqueboards - you here and can help?

at least give us some more details on which screws. The actual mounting screws to secure the motor, or which?

The v4’s, both the screws that mount the motor and the ones that mount the 2 pieces together. I got a second pair of mounts slightly used from someone on this forum and the screws attatching the 2 pieces seem to be different than the ones on my mounts…

1 – M6 x 25mm – Truck Clamp Bolts 5 – M4 x 16mm – Truck Clamp & Motor Mount Bolts 4 – M4 x 12mm – Motor Mount Bracket Bolts

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If you have the bigger bolts for the motor mount to truck clamp. 5 – M5 x 14mm Button Cap – Truck Clamp & Motor Mount Bolts

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Awesome, thanks guys.