Team Carvon at the 2017 Detroit Maker Faire

So today we participated at Maker Faire Detroit, a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker Movement. Makers ranged from tech enthusiasts to crafters to homesteaders to scientists to garage tinkerers. About 25,000 people attended the event at The Henry Ford (the hub of American innovation) to check out ordinary individuals rolling up their sleeves to create inventive solutions for everyday needs. Our goal was to promote the Carvon Racing League here in Michigan and enlist some sponsors/riders for the next event. We also showcased the latest Carvon EVO with the V3 Sensored Dual Direct Drive system. Many people interacted with us wanting to learn more about ESK8 and we got some great media attention, particularly with the executives from The Henry Ford and a few media outlets. Here’s some pics from Day 1 as well as a promo video for the 2017 CRL Invitational Race that was held on June 4th in Detroit.


Here are more pictures from Day 2 at the Detroit Maker Faire. Thank you to all the local ESK8’ers who came by the booth. We even earned an official Maker Faire Blue Ribbon of Merit! According to Make Magazine the description of the blue ribbon is:

At every Maker Faire, it is the joy of the Make Staff to hand out ribbons for our favorite things. These are the projects that really stand out, they always have a crowd around them. It is an honor to win a blue ribbon and any Maker that does should display it proudly. We have blue ribbons for “Editor’s Pick” and red ribbons for “Excellence in Education.” There’s no specific criteria to earn a ribbon. Editors just watch and see who is popular with the crowd, and who is showing off impressive things. It’s a gut feeling, though sometimes the decision is made easy by the gasps of awe and wonder of those walking by.


Nice work team carvon!

@RunPlayBack that racing video is the best thing I have seen on youtube for ever! congrats (assume you did the production/edit). Amazing concept & well executed.


Thanks Jason! Yeah that racing video was more of a “proof of concept” which is why I shot/edited it so bombastically lol. But it worked to drive people to the booth and get more awareness for organized race events but not just for Carvon but ESK8 as a whole.


It was a fun event, awesome job guys. I stopped by on Saturday , the booth was packed and Ric was busy but I was able to meet and talk with Patrick for a little while , really nice guy. Keep up the good work and keep us updated on future CRL events


As Jason said, awesome video

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Oh nice! Sorry we didn’t meet. Were you the guy with the DIY eboard?

Yeah maybe next time, seen you there but there were a lot of people and you looked busy so I didn’t interrupt , no worries … I didn’t bring it with me , but I was showing Patrick pics of a couple of my boards yeah. I showed him this one : which is a cruiser board we built (running Dual Maytech 800 hubs, LG 4.4ah swappable battery, and dual Maytech VESC ) , and I knew Patrick knew his stuff when he immediately called me out on the deck needing some carve-outs to ensure we don’t get wheel bite! … which that deck in the pic didn’t have. I’m also working on a new carbon fiber build with our new hubs :

I was asking Patrick if you guys had any group rides planned anytime soon , would love to join you guys . If not , I ride with Steve from Flatland3d (MotorCityEskate) once in a while downtown Detroit if you want to join us down there

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Cool event, Sick videoediting! :smile:

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Yeah absolutely…that would be fun! Have you guys ever tried riding on Hines Park near Westland where they close off the road on Saturdays?

Awesome event and video! The Carvon swag looks awesome :slight_smile:

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I haven’t no , I’ll have to check that out… is that every Saturday?

Yup until September 30th…let’s plan to hang out there before it ends. It’s a nice 6 mile stretch.

nice! count me in , just name the day and time!

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I could be wrong but I think I’m the guy you’re referring to with the DIY E-board. It’s the one with the pencil box battery holder and pink wheels. If not then oh well!

Great booth at maker faire, lots of people and entertainment. Can’t wait to come to a ride with everyone and see how my board compares!

Oh hey yup that was you! Thanks for coming by and letting us check out your board. Yeah I look forward to meeting up with you guys soon for a ride

Bro so impressed! Maybe that city doesn’t need a fossil fuel sucking gimmick. Maybe just you!! Keep it up bro you’re an inspiration buddy.

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