Teamgee H5 chrarger Dc to DC

Hello, I just bought a Teamgee H5 (It is an older version, the remote is different) used for $110. It works nice but I was wondering about charging. I have a Van with its own solar power system and would like to charge the board off of it. I could go 12v dc to 125v ac then 125v ac to 48v dc. But this seems really inefficient. Any recommendations on how I could charge 12v dc to 48v dc. I don’t know if the board’s charger has any special electronics or if it is just 48v all the time. The charger has 3 prongs that connect to the board.

Here is the charger:

The User manul:


So idk if it’s just a typo in your post but the charger for your board is 42V and it reeeallly wouldn’t like 48. I can’t find any teardowns of this board specifically but I’d bet a limb that it’s a standard ESC and BMS inside so it’s unlikely there’s anything weird in the charger beyond the 42V converter. I’ve taken apart a supply with very similar connector (if not the same) and the third prong is empty - I reckon it’s just a convenient shape that only fits in the right orientation.

Have you done the electronics in the van yourself? 42V is a relatively unusual voltage (especially for consumer things that might reasonably be plugged in in a car) so unless you fancy buying a bare adjustable boost converter module itself and attaching a 12v connector on one end and the board on the other then I’m out of ideas


Thanks for the reply. It was a typo, I meant 42v. When looking at the back of the charger it does seem that the third prong is most likely not used. I just was letting everyone know the type of connector.

And yes I did the van myself. I do think a 12v to 42v boost converter might work. I just wanted to check with to make sure it probably was not anything special.

Also the charger block gets so hot that I physically can’t touch it. So that’s probably not good.

Thanks for the input!