Tearing down a sensored Maytech 6355

I have an old motor i want to completely take apart so i can look at how its built.

I managed to get the can off which is pretty easy, i’ve done that a few times. But i’ve never been able to get the stator off. It looks like it was threaded onto a tube that is part of the mount-side of the motor. It seems to be epoxied on.

Is there a way to remove it? I’ve tried grunting and swearing already, which usually works. Maybe a combo of heat and cold?

I recall @hummie talking about putting something in the freezer or something years ago.

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the stator is likely glued and pressed on the bearing tube. a huge pain to remove. In the past I used a mill and drilled the center out and that wasn’t easy either. I’ve heard of using a freezer or a belt and a bunch of other methods you’ll find if you search rcgroups.com but lots of work with all of them and there’s no sure easy way to get the stator off.

but you want to see how it’s built? there’s no secret circuitry under the stator and I wouldn’t bother trying to remove it. At best, if the windings aren’t too glued down, you can heat them up and get the old wire out and rewind. Also a lot of work.

Maybe try yelling at it as well. Seems to get cats off my car pretty well…

I’m under the impression that heat is the way to go for this process. I’m interested in how it goes, as I’ve stripped the mounting screws on a motor before. It would be nice to know if these can be replaced, instead of threading a new hole and worrying about metal shavings.

Best of luck!

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Assuming that this will end with a sledge hammer, wanna sell me the sensor board before that happens? :yum:

i’m debating on getting Jollin to send me some un-assembled motors, or pieces of motors. If they’ll do it.

I want to play with the parts and try a few things.

I know this is an old thread but would you happen to know the bearing sizes for that motor?