Tell me whats wrong with this battery pack

I wanna build 10s4p battery. My dad just spotwelded this. He is electrician tho. Anyone here who wants to clarify this?

Also, is this diagram ok?

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It looks right, but it’s hard to tell with just a single picture. Why not just use a multimeter on the terminals to see if the voltage is correct.

that’s an interesting cell layout. why the shift from the 4 inline to trapezoidal layouts at the end? saving some nickel?

Oh and is that the hole-punch-and-solder method? I use that sometimes when i have to patch in a replacement p-group.

I was wondering that too, I thought he added some solder over the spot welds for some reason. If he didnt switch the stacking pattern though, the pack wouldn’t be as even with one layer being a bit longer than the other.

right, and i think going full trapeziodal on the p groups would use more nickel, so yeah it makes sense i suppose. I have a gut feeling that trapezoidal layouts with cross hatched nickel gives more even cell discharge though. That’s why i started doing it.

What voltage should be there? How much does the vesc handle?

You have 10 cells in series it looks like right? 10S 4P so at 3.8V it’s 38V when fully charged will really be like 42V, either way is fine VESC can handle 12S.

for 10s about 36v +/- 6v.

57v max for vesc

Thank you very much sirs! Another question is my wiring diagram. Do you have any proposition to make about that?

I’m about to do this on a 10s5p… thanks for great posts

Doubled nickel band. The current is over 37v.