TelTail Lights (TTL) - Interactive eSkate Lighting System

Here’s a demo of the control module’s Auto-On/Off feature. It uses the on board IMU to sense when the board is kicked up or picked up and turns off the lights. When the board is dropped back down, it turns the lights back on.


Here’s a demo of the “Compass Cycle” lighting effect. It uses the gyro measurement to keep track of what direction the board is pointing and uses that to set the color of the lights. It cycles through all colors every 180 degrees that the board is turned.

These two demos are the only ones that I have at the moment. I plan to post more soon, but my priority at the moment is to get the code posted.


I just posted the firmware and app code to github, so now the project is officially open source :grin:

The firmware can be found HERE

The Android app can be found HERE

Now that the code is up, I want to have some people be beta testers. Since I’ve only tested the system with my board, I want to ensure it will work for everyone before making them available to all. If you would like to be a beta tester please DM me so we can set something up :slightly_smiling_face:


PM’ed about beta testing

good work! following! would be nice with a small features list to see what it actually does/what is implemented. Something like;

brake lights

head lights on/off

color shifting based on orentation



Sorry if this has already been touched upon, but Is there a version in the works for Trampa builds? :slight_smile:

My late night rides would benefit greatly by having a dependable light system :joy::joy:


@linsus Thank you :slight_smile: As you suggested, I will add a feature list to the topic post soon. I didnt add one to begin with because I didnt want the post to become too long :stuck_out_tongue:

@anon64938381 Typically the trampa builds I’ve seen use high powered flood lights like the one here. Using the externally powered control module, the HPCM, and an appropriately rated 12v DC converter, one of these lights could be controlled. I have not designed any case for my lights that would mount to a MB but I hope someone in the community will do so in the future :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link! Unfortunately my Trampa wont be a hardcore offroader, so im going for more of a sleek and slick build :slight_smile:

Hopefully someone makes that soon :rofl: Ive not the idea slightest how to

No problem! If you want something more sleek then a light like this one might be a better option. You would still need to find a way to mount it, but this kind would be pretty easy to mount to your trucks.without 3D modeling/printing.

I also suggest scrolling through the eSkate Lights Thread to see if there are any lights on there you like. Someone may have already done exactly what your looking for :slight_smile:

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I’ve added a “System Overview” section with a list of features for each module and the Android app to the bottom of the topic post. Check it out to get a better understanting of what the system can do :slight_smile:

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Trampa build here! Definitely like the headlight/ RGB/Addressable led options!

Another module (since you seem to have the resources) that I would pay a significant amount for is a UART multiplexer/ splitter so we can connect more than one thing. Personally, I would like to connect a lighting controller, BMS, Bluetooth module, and possible a smart remote to this but only have 2 ports on my dual FocBox build. Not sure if something like this is possible or not.

I love this whole thing though!


Skimmed thru some of the documentation and saw that you use the Nyko Kama,(I use the same but with NRF mod)

I have one implementation on the wishlist for any nunchuck based controller: Ability to toggle turnsignals with Left/Right on the nun-chuck. Could be separate LEDs or trigger the left/right leds on underside of board to flash yellow f.e.

Turn signals could be turned off by pushing the direction again or just set with a timer.



@bsancken Thanks for your support! I agree a UART multiplexer would be a great addition. The problem with just splitting the UART signal to all the devices is that the communication is asynchronous so the devices will keep trying to talk over each other and end up corrupting the data. I wish I2C was the standard for communicating with VESCs since it allows for a large number of devices to be connected to a single bus and each has its own address. But that wouldn’t work for the Bluetooth modules people use for connecting to phone apps so there are trade offs.

I will definitely look further into making a UART multiplexer. I am thinking a SAMD21 that is programmed to act as the middle man between the VESC and the other UART devices would do the job. The SAMD21 has 6 SERCOM ports that can all be configured to UART, so theoretically up to 5 devices would be able to be supported :stuck_out_tongue:

@linsus I actually do have turn signals implemented for Nunchuck remotes, I just forgot to add it to the features summary. It’s been added now :stuck_out_tongue: The way my implementation works, is that to activate the left/right turn signal the user needs to push the joystick to the left/right while holding the Z button down. The turn signals will be active for as long as the user holds the joystick left/right and the button down.


Z button, thats change motor direction for me. sounds scary :laughing:

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Haha Sorry I miss spoke. It is the C button that I use for control with the nunchuck. Z button would still work for changing the motor direction or cruise control :sweat_smile:


you should pm the seller instead of using their thread

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Don’t suppose this works on any prebuilt boards eh?

What kind of pre-built boards are we talking? There are a few things to consider:

  1. Is there enough space inside the enclosure for the control module + wires?
  2. Is the ESC a VESC based ESC? If not then the lighting effects that are based on info from the ESC will not work (i.e. RPM or throttle)
  3. What kind of remote does it use? If it is a PPM remote that has a button channel and you can access the receiver, you can control the lights whether the ESC is VESC based or not.

Even if the ESC is not a VESC based ESC and the remote is not a PPM remote, you could still make use of the lights as long as there is room inside the enclosure or the control module + wires. You would then be limited to controlling the lights through the app, but would still be able to use all of the lighting effects that dont rely on info from the ESC.


Interesting. Will be in touch with you later!

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@Ricco Are we talking neopixels here? or just plain rgb strips?

double respect if you went with neopixels