Temp sensors for battery

How hard or expensive would it be to put maybe 24 temp sensors on a battery hooked just to an alarm?

There’s so many options here and I don’t know what I’m doing It wouldn’t need to be accurate just alarm if something went over maybe 100f. Hoping to find a pcb that could use many sensor wires. I’m not sure if the ones sold here do.

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You could get something like this.

It’s single sensor, but maybe it’s possible to connect more temp sensors in a loop in series or parallel. If you don’t nee 24 sensors you could just get some of this And 3D print a case for the displays.

Could you connect multiple sensors off that first one you posted? Anyone?

If you pull apart a battery (say a 6s2p into 6 sets of 2p in parallel) would each pair need a sensor or just one of the pairs? And do batteries usually have a sensor in them?

Most bms have one or two temp sensors you could use. I took a lot of laptop packs out of each other and I never found more than 3 temp sensors. I think one senser for each p-group is more than enogh.

@Hummie i know that @PXSS does the battery stuff at work, maybe he knows some board/pcb which can hsndle multiple temp sensors and monitor or create an alarm if out of range.

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Could you use multiple thermal cut out in series connected to a relay coil to turn off a relay if exceeding a set temp? Or are you trying to do some thing a bit more fancy?

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If you put a bunch of thermistors in series and that in parallel with a potentiometer you can plug the whole thing back into the temp sensor and it will go off if the net temperature is to high…not as fancy but it will say if everything is unusually hot or one cell is excessively hot if the others are normal

I’m not trying to be fancy, just get a buzzer on the board to go off if the temp gets too high. I’ll call some places on Monday and see. But if anyone knows of some parts that would enable this please post them.

What I do is stick a thermistor inside the pack with hot glue, wrap it all and then I connect to a vesc like it was a motor temp, and then I can see it in metr app :yum:


If a bunch of sensors or maybe one long sensor that could pick up heat from anywhere in the pack…that’d be a huge safety plus

Is it a problem to have the board on while charging?

What hardware is needed for metr?

If this could go off the vesc that’s even better. One long temp sensor wiggled through all the cells, and keeping the escs on while charging and I’ll be invincible

Metr Bluetooth modul

It’s a good thing to have a battery temperature alarm. A battery has to get hot first before losing its temper. No wonder laptop battery packs have temperature sensors.

It’s possible to make a temperature alarm based on Arduino. There is an integrated temperature sensor circuit DS18B20. Multiple ones can coexist on one wire bus. Each sensor has a built-in identification serial code.

You can just get a smart bms. They do have temp sensors as well and you can check temps when ever you want in the app on your phone.

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