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Hey guys, first build and first time posting here.

I have been reading the forum for weeks and looking at your builds for hours on end. And I think I am ready to start my own.

The plan is to make a super powered Enertion blue theme Boosted-like board. Most parts have been ordered but I need help. I am completely helpless when it comes to batteries. I want a board that can go up to 45 km/h or even more, and I want it to go at least 20km on a full charge.

I believe the R-Spec motor is capable enough, what I need to know is what kind of battery I would need for this to be achievable.

Furthermore, I would love help in setting up a shopping list for additional parts I’d need for the battery, such as switches and voltage indicators.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


you could get the AIO solution and get a space cell, or build your own pack with 18650 cells

The space cell wouldn’t fit with the flex and camber of the board I think. for that I was planning to use the methods by other users in this thread Soldering won’t be an issue.

Yea it’ll depend on how much flex your board has. I’m hoping mine will be stiff enough for it. I’m also banking on the enclosure providing extra stiffness for the board.

So I’ve badly drawn a layout for the battery pack

Separating 2 of the zippy packs provided will give me 12 cells to work with with a hight of 8.3mm width of 52 mm and a lenght of 145mm If I stack them 2 packs high, 3 long and 2 wide I should have a battery pack of 435x104x16.6mm.

One of my questions to you knowledgeable folks is what else I need for the battery, suggestions for on/off switches and voltage indicators are greatly appreciated. also, what is an anti spark switch exactly?

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An anti-spark switch will prevent sparking when plugging in the pack. Sparks are bad because they will cause black carbon buildup on the terminals which will make for a poor connection. The idea is to use some kind of resistor to dampen the connection so when you plug it in fully, it doesn’t spark.

So does the anti spark switch connects to the balance point, to the vesc or to both?

You connect it before the VESC. See here: How-To: Anti-Spark XT-90 Loop Key