Terrible range - is it my gearing

Hi guys

So I’ve been riding around on my board now for about a month or two and it’s been great fun except for having to go home early.

My problem is I’m only getting about 5km range on 1 battery (I have two batteries). Each battery is 6s 5000mah 20c. Now I can’t figure this out because I should at least be getting something close to 10km for a 111Wh battery.

With the current range I’m getting this puts me at around 20wh per km which is very high for a street board. I also connected my batteries into series and went for a ride this time I only got 4, maybe 6km if I went really low. What is happening here( this could be because I was riding at about 50kmh but still that’s like 40wh per km)

So my main question is, is it my gearing? I’m running dual 6355 195kV with a 14:27 gear ratio and 97mm wheels.

have you checked voltage cut?

Edit: I meant 14:27 gearing

Yep, I’m cutting off around 3.7 -3.8v

wow the gearing is too much

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u should cut at 3.2-3.3

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50kmph is definitely part of the inefficiency. I get over 20wh/mile efficiency at 27mph

yea that’s your problem. lower that to 3.5, 3.4v. the gearing is also REALLY inefficient but isn’t the main reason

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I cut at 3.6 on my lipos and I get the full ah brotha. :socks:

Ok thanks guys @GrecoMan @onepunchboard @ZackoryCramer

I have two new 10t sprockets on the way. That way I’ll have a 1:2.7 ratio (hella torque). I will also try lowering my cut off, I just have it so high to max the life cycles of my cells

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I have my cutoff start at 3.2 and end at 3.0 and my batteries have over a year on them (12s 5000 mah lipos so just like yours), and they’re fine. With lower gearing and cutoffs you should see 10-14 miles range depending on weight and riding style


lol that’s not possible :rofl:


The general (and I use the term loosely) accepted cutoff for LIPO’s is 3.4. Geering is a lot of your problem, I would go 15/32 at a minimum.


I know for lipos, it’s a little higher cutoff than lions but I still think you can get away with 3.1 volts per cell. Although more to your point, you gain very little range from 3.4 to 3.1 volts because it drop so fast between the 2. So setting to 3.1 volts doesn’t really gain you much


It also can be dangerous for your battery if you don’t use a BMS for discharge. If your cells get unbalanced when discharging, you can have a cell got lower than 3.1V which ain’t good.

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Yeah I realise this, but so far all cells have stayed within .03v when discharging

Yeah I second this. Don’t be like me :joy:. Make sure always use a BMS or balance charge

Cut-Off for Konion VTC5:

Pulsed: 5s On - 30s Off

Discharge Rate PULSED/Sag/Cut-Off (rec.)

30 / 0.6V / 3.2V 40 / 0.65V / 3.25V 50 / 0.75V / 3.35V 60 / 0.8V / 3.4V 70 / 0.85V / 3.45V

he doesn’t even have 18650’s :rofl:

its just a point of reference for people :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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