Tesla 2170. But pricey

Well its finnally happened.

Super tempted to buy 1 for science. Id really like to know how good these are. I still havent seen any hit the wild yet.and i have been on the hunt. Only a few full batteries



Seems expensive and its just prob a normal 21700 cell lol :rofl:


Id agree its ebay. Prob fake but id really like to see these finnaly turn up.

Apprarently tesla uses a tight glue that makes it super diff to take apart at a cell level

Best if we together buy a model 3 salvage pack and split it


Batteries designed for electric vehicles are unlikely to be optimised for eskate use. They want much higher energy density and don’t need the power density. Consider a 30Q. 3Ah and 15A rated continuous (5C). The Tesla P100D. with 100kWh doesn’t need 500kW continously. So they tweak the cells for capacity rather than power (edit).


eh? capacity = range does it not you mean they tweak for capacity not power output…?

But doesn’t Tesla use Panasonic?

Sorry, “Capacity rather than Power” I will edit my post.

Neither do we, a cell used in a Tesla is perfectly fine for our case, ideal I would say, they take huge burst of current great and still have a big capacity

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The Tesla cells are a custom high discharge cell designed between Tesla and Panasonic , built by Panasonic at the Tesla Gigafactory.

Hmm if there was a cell so good why not release it, because their cell isdnt a game changer, Tesla optimizes their cells for capacity

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Buuuut. A reliable 2170 with 5ooo mah at 15 amp price depending would > 30q.

For us rangist.

Probably a part taken from a diassembled Tesla car

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holy shit who’s gonna do this i shotty 50 of em

Good luck findin a pack for sale.

It’s all about the cobalt. They need it all for themselves.


There’s probably plenty of cobalt around the world. Just not many established mines yet. This is about to change though.


About 3,5 $ per 21700 cell. Good for doing what @mynamesmatt had in mind. Lets say that someone buys it disassembles and then resells cells at 4,5$ for forum members. I would be interested. About 1000 cells will find its owners within this forum il less than year at this price.


You sometimes see real Tesla packs being taken apart on endless sphere, I would keep an eye out there rather than eBay

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On snaps. I missed that in ebay. Theres a full batt too.

If these are selling its only a matter of time till someone sucks it up to sell the cells.