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Tesla mini-s for kids

thought that some of you may like this

its a mini tesla for your kids with headlights, storage, speakers and a aux cable.

I must have this…
to upgrade and supercharge.

mini Tesla-s + VESC + 12S = profit?

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= kids flying down city streets a 60MPH

if you can get a kid drifting in one of these i’ll get you a nice new r-spec 6355

I’m actually going to build my little cousin a supercharged one of these ride-ons with old eboard parts.

They are on craigslist all the time either broken, or beat up in one way or another for less than the price of caliber trucks…

I think it’d be a hell of a fun project, and the kid would be living the dream drifting around at 10-15mph max. Heck, I had one of the ride-on jeeps when I was little, and it was honestly the coolest toy you could imagine as a 6yr old.

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mini Tesla + VESC + 12S + remove label " For Kids " = 100mph :100: :exclamation:

@lowGuido Yes! I want to see a longboard with those rims mounted onto it!