Tesla & Panasonic's new 2170 batteries!

So, readying crap on the interwebs and just stumbled on this - https://electrek.co/2016/11/02/tesla-panasonic-2170-battery-cell-highest-energy-density-cell-world-cheapest-elon-musk/

Now we just got to figure out how to get our hands on them in the future :wink:

It sounds like they will be available in 2 months! I thought they wouldn’t be available to the general public but it’s sounding like maybe they will be from this article. Most energy density and cheapest are elon’s words

I question of it’ll be viable for esk8. Depends on discharge potential. Since Tesla’s have such a huge parallel pack, they wouldn’t need as high a discharge potential. Though it would help with cycle life if they did.


I hope they are cylindrical cells and not some other form factor. I want specs really bad, and I want them now

I’m sure @barajabali is going to be interested in this.

I was at the Gigafactory Grand opening where they will be producing these in the future and they are cylindrical.


Pretty sure they’re cylindrical.
The car is 375 volts…maybe they’re pretty high discharge?

Oh I’m sure it’s high discharge, it’s just indivisible cells may not be. A Tesla has over 5000 cells in it with over 200 times the wh!

Wow, this different size is an amazing technology

About 6200-7100 Cells(60-85kw models) to be exact, depending on what model you choose. I think the 100D have about 1000 more cells but dont know

Seems impractical, heavy, and a waste of space to have so many cells in parallel instead of just bigger cells. Wonder why.

I don’t get how bigger cells mean smaller space

You have to think about manufacturing costs too. It would likely be much more expensive to manufacture larger cells sense the tech for making cylindrical cells has been around for years

I think with more cells it equals more power too. And I might be wrong but it is more efficient since the cells are all all fused so I think if one goes, you pack doesnt get destroyed.

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They say that they are cheaper to make as well as higher capacity. Getting hold of them is going to be the issue but at least something is happening

Bigger cells could equal more battery and less empty space for the pack I think as all the cells are spaced. And each cell requires so much steel and manufacturing. Cells in parallel are effectively a bigger battery. Even the cylindrical shape seems a waste. It’s a new shape so I’d think it would need new development regardless. I don’t think it’s inherently safer with redundancy, and surely the same safety features done now could be implemented w a bigger cell. Less things to break.

You can calculate the discharge. They have roughly 100S70P pack. That means they use about 15 A a cell at 515 HP. So these cells should be good for us. And the seem to have 3200mah.


I’d like to see cells with a hexagonal shape. No more wasted space, except the sides.

Battery honeycomb. Yum.


I like this part: “the Gigafactory at its full capacity will be producing more lithium battery capacity than the current output of the world combined.”


If it’s manufactured at the gigafactory it’s likely Tesla-specific. Unless Panasonic made a deal where they could sell them into other markets they’ll all be going into cars and powerwalls.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that if you want these in the next 5 years (before other manufacturers catch up) you’ll need to buy a wrecked model 3. Or we could start doing group buys on Powerwalls and divvy up the guts :slight_smile: