Test Mule Build: "The Bacon"

Wanted to clobber together a test platform for new parts. in this case metasurf’s DD.

ESC needs to be easily accessible to test out different settings Batteries needs to be easily swappable to test out different configs As modular as possible. Ideally built from parts I have laying around.

Parts: FocBox x 2 in a case held to deck with Velcro and straps. I chose FocBoxes as they are a great baseline.

Lipo 6s x 4 OR Lipo 5s x 4 I am not interested in range testing at this point. Both setup will be more then enough to max out the 60 amps FocBoxes are rated for

107mm Abecs Boston roads are shit… these thanes are the shit…

Blank dh deck - stiff, “bacon” concave Needed something a little wider and longer that I will feel comfortable pushing 30 with. I found that the bacon concave really hold my feet in place. Also we all know bacon makes everything better… and I was hungry when shopping for the deck

Wedge risers for front bias turning setup

Test Subject: Set of very beat up meta surf trucks + motors salvaged from one of their earliest demo mini board (results to come)

image image


Awesome! Waiting to hear how testing goes :wink:

Quick results… Its crazy windy today. Had to cut the test ride short. I couldn’t hit top speed, not on the road + wind condition.

While accelerating with slight incline against strong wind the motors top off at 25 amps with 107 abecs. I suspect these should be able to run larger wheels or even 6 incher. 107s are not stressing the motors.

This used set of drives with bent trucks + motors with chipped paint and gouges on it. I am pretty sure the motor had sustain some impact. The previous guy that had it had taken it out in the rain as well. Still runs fine without any issues.

Acceleration is smooth torquey, braking is smooth and strong except for during super slow speed, the motors pretty much loose braking power right before they stop.

Will try again tomorrow if weather allows.

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Good news all of it, enjoy your rides ! Plus the setup look good as well :wink: :+1:

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