Test rides in Paris, 25-26 March, Festival du Roue Libre (Cité des Sciences)

We’ll be giving test rides with a production model of the Mellow Drive in Paris this weekend. Come one, come all.


Marine 2017

Anything in Europe around the September time?

Nothing planned yet, but it is very likely we will.

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Any chance of seeing you guys around the Stuttgart area?

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Also nothing planned there…yet. We’ll keep you posted via the blog (you can subscribe to our newsletter there) or through Facebook.

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When can we try one in NYC? Is there a Mellow Ambassador near the New York area?

and in LA! maybe around june would be a good time… :wink:

Just back from riding with the Mellow team. To be honest, the ride provided by their system is really awesome. It’s really predictable and so smooth. I think this is gonna change the way we ride our skateboards. Congrats!