Testing Janux Gear drives (Evo build with teltail lights beta and horn)

Marcmt has designed a new gear drive to fit caliber 2 trucks! Of course it only fits 6354-6356 motors but the easy install and the ability to easily switch between gear sizes makes it really convenient. With a couple of allen wrenches I can change between a 44t or a 46t. He let me use the drive to test it out and I will be posting pictures as well as performance on my various rides. First thing is first… like every gear drive so far… image

some cutting on the motor shaft will be necessary. Had to cut it to 20mm. The installation of the drive was done by Marc so unfortunately no pics of install but I will have some when we swap out gears. The first setup is the slowest setting. 15t/46t gives you great torque and some really fun acceleration. I only rode late last night for 15 minutes at around 12:30am.


I Couldn’t really see to get it to full speed but it was more to get a feel for the board and the drive. Drove it on rough roads, on dirt and even through some grass (eventually the grass was too high and soft). It powered through it all with no problems. My attempt is to ride every day of the week on different roads and just take info. Here are a few more pics of the driveimage image image image image Edit: I forgot to mention that there can be a bunch of wheel bite because of the use of caliber 2s and pneumatic wheels!


What’s the best way to cut a motor shaft?

If i had my choice it would be the motor double bagged and taped with only the shaft exposed, mounted on a vice and cut with an grinder witha cutting blade. I did not have this so i used a dremel and a hack saw lol

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Some off road testing today!!image
Went a little further, a little faster and a lot more off road. I actually got better efficiency this go around image

Another thing i forgot to mention is the noise chamber installed. It really does reduce the sound of the gear drive. I personally think it’s no louder than belt drives. I will upload vidoes soon!!! Tomorrow I’ll be doing some steep hill climbs

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they look sick!

The carving with narrow trucks is tons of fun! Plus the sound is quiet enough not to be annoying but loud enough to sound like your from the future! Marc is a cnc wizard !!!image


If this if for caliber 2 trucks then it should also fit torque 218s no? Maybe some light filing would be required

Yea. Light filing would be required because have some press fit parts for the drive. It fits the caliber 2’s exactly. To fit on the calibers requires his hubs but if you modify a hanger you could theoretically fit any hubs and larger motors…

Quick ride video



need these on SR RKP200s :slight_smile:

Surfrodz adapter is definitely coming down the pipe as well as adapters for both thane types (kegel and flywheel)

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Got my Psychotiller evo enclosure for my Esk8life battery! Using a maytech anti spark switch (my push to start from martin crapped out on me before i got to use it :frowning:) Dual focboxes and a Torque boards remote will be powering my teltail lights and horn! image image

The evo will have dual 6355 using the gear drive from marcmt. The beta gear drives had a few issues at first… The pulleys only had one grub screw to hold it and would constantly break loose. He has since added another grub screw a I have a 17/42 setup. Compared to 15/46, the ride is much smoother! Not as jerky taking off and def get some speed. Ive also had problems installing the light ssystem. It is android based and requires a Bluetooth connection. Emulators do not let you use Bluetooth and my entire household has iPhones. image

I will be posting more pics and results of this gear drive. I also have a metr pro on the way to really get more solid data on these drives





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Really have been enjoying the ride. Ive been stuck indoors recently due to family emergencies and rain :confounded:. San Diego is NOT supposed to be so gloomy but baseball practices and skateboard rides have been getting cancelled left and right. I decided to step my game up and get a metr pro to better record my rides and added the bergmiesters to the build. I plan a lot of riding this weekend a bit further north so hopefully i can get some clear skies.


New metr pro data. Really got some speed!!!


Are you in SD?

Let’s go on a fast ride if you are around. Pm me if your around.