Testing Janux Gear drives (Evo build with teltail lights beta and horn)

Definitely down… im in Long Beach visiting the mom for mothers day but I got a 12s evo thane build im working on and i know red baron rides fast in sd as well lol…group ride on the 25th is sd as well

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Always down to ride fast. But right now I’m waiting on two more things to finish my new build before im ready to ride again.

Fuck, you guys are going to group ride before I get a board done it looks like :frowning: Birthday is on the 18th too. @RedBaron, I’m regretting not buying your board, I just didn’t think it would be very easy to ship home in a few months and I don’t really know how much use I’d get out of it in Ohio either (I’d presumably be going back to school)

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No worries, should be plenty more rides. When I have a board I’m pretty much free to ride when ever.

Group ride? Where? I’m downtown SD. I wanna see them gear drives⚡️

Patiently waiting for @moon to debut :stuck_out_tongue:

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San diego group ride on the 25th i believe… Thats what i heard from @karamq

Nice, where you guys ride?

I think it’s going to be at mission beach

Nice. Hopefully I’ll have my current build done by then, would love to get in on this one👍

My build is going to be delayed unless I can find a motor and vesc, I don’t want to rock the cheap teemo board at the groupride. You got a motor I can borrow @iamasalmon?

I have some tiny 5045 racerstars that would move a board, but they are meant for a narrow dual drive… I have a single dickyho esc and a dual 4.20 flipsky to spare as well

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I do have mounts for 2 boards, I could use two

Ok, once I finish building, I’ll dissassemble what I’m riding now for spare parts

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Thanks man, I could use that 4.2 too, are you looking to sell the vesc?

It’s pretty beat up. I think I’m down to 3 of 6 capacitors. Not a super well built esc, IMO, but it has so far withstood the torture of pushing my heavy ass around SD🍺

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Decided to do a hill climb near the rural part of south sd


This has to be my favorite gearing so far… 17/42 gets me plenty of torque to climb but capable of hitting 35mph on a 10s

Here is the info for just the climb

Did it starting at the bottom at a stand still To the top. There are more hills to go on but this is the steepest section