Testing vesc without a remote

Is it possible to test a vesc without a reciever/controller hooked up to it?

Want to order flipsky 4.12s from Aliexpress but I am simultanously waiting for the parts for my FireFly remote to arrive, so If I order now I will have to ensure the flipskys is not dead/damaged on delivery with a vesc tool. Is that possible? If possible, does there exist a guide on the forum or can someone explain briefly a procedure?

I am new to vescs so any input would be greatly appreciated!

I think you might be able to run the motor during its configuration on the soft but I don’t remember exactly where, maybe someone will know.

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You can enable keyboard control on the side in vesc tool and just use the arrow keys to rotate the motor.

But i personally always do a motor detection since thats 90% of the time where it will fuck up if its doa.


Thank you for that info, thats really helpful to know!